As a professional living in a big city, I often found myself too preoccupied or exhausted to venture out on extensive shopping sprees. Especially, as the time went on, I have grown to realise that the overcrowded high-end department stores and the luxury brand flagship stores with mildly disdainful shopping assistants were not my natural habitat.  Not mentioning that the hours wasted on searching for the “unicorns” i.e. products I really, really wanted but were not available at the time or, most often than not, were never available in my size was a poor idea and a complete waste of the already scarce time.

Still, as I keen shopper, always in pursuit of the holy trinity of quality + comfort + beauty, I found myself increasingly exploring high end online shopping outlets or, where possible, ordering items directly from the favourite brand’s websites in the cosiness of my own home (or the discomfort of a commuter train).  While feeling immensely grateful for the whole universe of luxury products available at the click of a mouse, I have also discovered the taste of frustration associated with exchanges, returns and uncollected parcels, mostly since sizes and fits vary considerably between brands and product lines.  Even when purchasing directly from a store, I often found myself making impulsive decisions, going for the wrong size or buying something completely impractical or unsuitable which had to be exchanged or returned once the heat of the moment was gone. Over time, to get it right the first time I began immersing myself into the world of online product reviews and these days I rarely venture out to a store or order anything online without first reading shared experiences of other helpful shoppers.

With the benefit of time, and drawing on years of trials and errors as well as passion for brands, I have decided to create this blog with a view to sharing information about luxury goods, especially shoes and handbags, focussing on aspects such a fit, comfort, aesthetics, durability as well as assessment whether, in my view, they constitute a good investment and a value for money. The opinions and reviews shared here are personal and uninfluenced and may not reflect experiences of other shoppers with the same fashion item. However, I hope they will be of some assistance in guiding you through the maze of shopping outlets, fits, sizes and available options so you can easily find your perfect match and make shopping (online or not) as seamless as possible.