Gucci tights brown and black

Gucci Tights Review Part 2 – Black vs Brown GG Logo

Jan 27th, 2020 Accessories Unwrapped 16 min read

Those of you who follow my posts will know that I have already written an extensive review of the brown logo version of Gucci tights earlier last year. However, as I have not dedicated a separate post to the black Gucci tights, and I keep receiving questions about them, I thought it might be helpful to compare these two styles and let you know which…

Gucci Tights

Gucci GG Tights Review

Nov 2nd, 2019 Accessories Unwrapped 14 min read

I am not one for seasonal fads and prefer classic designs but when I first saw Gucci GG tights, I knew instantly that I absolutely had to have them. As a great fan of patterned tights, with Wolford being my absolute favourite, I found the cool and funky vibe conveyed by the brown GG logo too hard to resits. So off I went to the…

Chanel pearls review featured image

Chanel Pearls Review

Aug 2nd, 2019 Accessories Unwrapped 14 min read

Coco Chanel revolutionised the costume jewellery industry introducing the concept of faux pearls and making them fashionable in times when fake jewellery was still considered an inferior substitute to the real gems. To this day, Chanel pearls continue to capture imagination of many fashionistas who can choose from a multitude of designs including long and short strings, single or multiple rows, as well as bold…