Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini

Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini Bag Review – The petite treasure

Sep 5th, 2021 Handbags Unwrapped 23 min read

The Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini bag was not on my radar at all. I saw it many times and, quite frankly, I was not all that impressed. Yes, it was a cute bag, I thought. But there were aspects of the design, which did not appeal to me. And so, it did not cross my mind that one day it would find its way into…

Chanel 19 bag

Chanel 19 Bag Review – The making of the New Classic

Apr 7th, 2021 Handbags Unwrapped 40 min read

The Chanel 19 bag had its first unveiling in March 2019, in the final collection of Karl Lagerfeld before his untimely departure. The design could not be a more perfect legacy left behind by the creative genius of the Parisian luxury fashion house. It encapsulates the classic Chanel bag iconography, like the signature CC lock, but with a fresh and youthful twist, bringing it in…

Gucci Brixton loafers

Gucci Brixton Loafers Review – The spell of the Horsebit

Jan 29th, 2021 Shoes Unwrapped 107 min read

This review of Gucci Brixton loafers has been a long time coming. I have been thinking of posting it for a while, but somehow the idea of writing about shoes which have been reviewed hundreds of times kept it sliding to the back of the queue. Still, each review seems to add something new and original to the long discussion so in the end, I…

Chanel slingback heels next to Chanel Boy bag

Chanel Slingback Heels Review – To tweed or not to tweed?

Dec 17th, 2020 Shoes Unwrapped 25 min read

Chanel slingback heels are one of the most recognisable fashion creations of the twentieth century. Their history dates back to 1957, when the first iteration of these iconic shoes made its debut. Originally in black and beige, the colour combination was carefully chosen not only to convey timeless elegance, but also to emphasise femininity (to shorten the foot and to elongate the leg). Unsurprisingly, these…

YSL Lou camera bag

YSL Camera Bag Review – All about the Lou

Oct 24th, 2020 Handbags Unwrapped 37 min read

Still can’t get that YSL Lou camera bag out of your head? I know just what you mean… Those of you who have read my post about the Saint Laurent Loulou Toy bag a few months ago, would know that I had my doubts about YSL Lou camera bags for quite some time. While I always liked the overall appearance of the bags, ultimately it…

Hermes Oz mules

Are Hermes Oz Mules Worth It? – Enter the magical land of Oz

Sep 26th, 2020 Shoes Unwrapped 21 min read

Some shoe designs never fail to capture the imagination of fashion lovers and Hermes Oz mules are certainly one of them. Known for their characteristic printed canvas lining and the decorative “Kelly” buckle, these exquisitely crafted mules have become one of the most recognisable and coveted styles released by Hermes in the recent years. And somewhat controversial too. In the world were comfort and durability…

Hermes Garden Party

Hermes Garden Party 36 Review – 10 FAQs answered

Sep 1st, 2020 Handbags Unwrapped 20 min read

If I had to create a list of 5 all-time favourite bags of mine, Hermes Garden Party 36 would certainly be close to the top spot. The bag perfectly encapsulates the concept of a relaxed, unpretentious and timeless design which also happens to benefit from the exquisite craftsmanship offered by one of the world’s leading fashion houses. It almost sounds too good to be true!…

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Review – An ode to the satchel

Jul 30th, 2020 Handbags Unwrapped 27 min read

The boyish charm of Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis has been captivating the hearts of fashionistas for nearly a decade. Let’s face it, it is hard not to love a good satchel. Especially one, which originates from one of the most prestigious French fashion houses out there. When first released in 2012, the bag was a far cry from being an overnight sensation. However, fast forward…

Hermes Rivoli mules

Hermes Rivoli Mules Review – The quintessence of luxury

Jul 8th, 2020 Shoes Unwrapped 22 min read

A few weeks ago, against my better judgment, I decided to invest in a pair of Hermes shoes, the Rivoli mules to be precise. As a luxury lover, I have never had a problem with spending a small fortune on good quality fashion accessories, knowing full-well they would last forever and give me much enjoyment. Yet, when it comes to Hermes footwear even I had…

Saint Laurent Loulou Toy feature image

Saint Laurent Loulou Toy Bag Review – A star is born

Jun 2nd, 2020 Handbags Unwrapped 25 min read

Saint Laurent bags have been enjoying immense popularity in the recent years with styles such as Sac De Jour, Kate or Loulou reaching the near-icon status. But while I have been admiring them from afar, my enthusiasm for Saint Laurent bags has been relatively low. Even though elegant, they always seemed overly demure next to the bolder styles offered by houses of Gucci or Chanel….