The Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini bag was not on my radar at all. I saw it many times and, quite frankly, I was not all that impressed. Yes, it was a cute bag, I thought. But there were aspects of the design, which did not appeal to me. And so, it did not cross my mind that one day it would find its way into my collection. Yet, somehow, I did.

The reason why I started looking favourably at this particular style was, to put it simply, frustration. I have been on a lookout for the Nano Speedy forever. However, after a couple of years of fruitless search, I came to accept that it clearly was not meant to be. This has prompted me to think about other petite monogram designs, and Deauville Mini was one of them.

To my surprise, and I really did not expect to like it, the bag turned out to tick quite a lot of boxes. So, despite the initial reluctance, I decided to give it a chance. Any regrets? None whatsoever!

In light of the above, in this review I wanted to share with you which features of the Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini bag have swayed me to finally pull the trigger on this design. I will also flag up what to watch out for and whether, in my opinion, the bag could be a good long-term investment piece.

Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini bag

Size and first impressions

The Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini bag has been inspired by the classic Deauville design, originally a large vanity case, measuring 35 x 27 x 14 cm. While stylistically, Deauville Mini projects a comparable retro chic, it is notably smaller, with a long shoulder strap replacing the original top handles and a bold, statement tag with a metallic LV logo positioned at the front.

The design measures 21 x 16 x 7cm. The sizing is akin to that of the Louis Vuitton New Wave camera bag (for review, click here) which is 21.5cm x 15.5cm x 6cm. It is slightly smaller (especially width-wise) than the Gucci Marmont camera bag with its dimensions of 24 x 13 x 7cm (review here).

LV New Wave bag and Deauville comparison
Louis Vuitton New Wave camera bag vs Deauville Mini. While the sizes are comparable, the New Wave bag is slightly taller and narrower
Gucci Marmont bag vs Deauville comparison
Gucci Marmont bag vs Deauville Mini. When viewed side by side, the Marmont bag is notably wider.

The classic version of the bag, as shown in this review, comes in the iconic LV monogram canvas. The exterior is further enhanced by treated vachetta leather trims, which can be found at the front and the back of the bag, as well as on the strap and on the decorative tag.

The style is further characterised by the signature LV gold-coloured hardware and a double-sided top zipper mounted on a maroon-coloured tape. The bag’s facia has an external slip pocket and the brand stamp – “Louis Vuitton Paris” – embossed on the vachetta insert just above it.

The reverse resembles the font, save that there is no pocket, and the embossed stamp is replaced by the brand’s overlapping LV logo in a circle.

Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini bag front
Front of the Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini bag is decorated with a detachable tag and features a slip pocket
Photo of LV Mini Deauville bag without the tag
Front view of the Deauville Mini bag without the tag
The back of LV Deauville Mini bag
Back of the Deauville Mini bag. Here the vachetta is adorned with the iconic LV logo stamp

Inside, there is one, reasonably specious pocket – 15 x 9 cm. The lining is made of a dark purple microfibre textile. 

The shoulder strap is removable and easily adjustable thanks to a simple buckle closure. There are 5 holes and the drop ranges between 52-57cm. Personally, at 5.5 inches tall, I feel the most comfortable with the third hole. That way, when carried on the shoulder, the trunk of my Deauville Mini reaches just below the hip level and it does not sit too high when carried crossbody. [Back to Menu]

Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini bag

Pros of the Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini bag

Before I explain why I decided to buy the Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini bag, I need to mention first why I nearly did not get it.

The main reason was the tag at the front – I could not stand it. It seemed terribly overbearing for such a small design, awkwardly positioned and, frankly, pointless. The vachetta finish also stood out way too much for my liking against the monogram coated canvas. So imagine my excitement when I found out that the ghastly tag could be removed!!

Close up on the tag of the LV Mini Deauville bag
Close-up of the decorative tag affixed to the front of the Deauville Mini bag.

To be honest, now that I own the bag, I got used to the idea of having the tag. It no longer bothers me and, shock horror, most of the time I just leave it on. But in the beginning, it was a real deal breaker. Had it not been detachable, I would never have bought the bag in the first place.

Now for the good bits…

The one feature of the Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini bag that has really caught my eye was its perfect proportions. The bag is tiny, yet very spacious inside and thus highly usable. Of course, it is not the kind of handbag where you can carry larger items such as a book. But for a petite style, it is simply fantastic. The pictures, below, speak for themselves:

LV Mini bag fit test
Fit test: This photo shows which personal items I would usually carry inside of my Deauville Mini bag
LV Mini bag fit test view of contents
Fit test: Top view showing how my belongings are usually organised inside the Deauville Mini bag

As you can see, the bag can contain most of daily essentials i.e. a mobile phone, a set of keys, a few pieces of make-up, a comb/small brush, a hand cream and a sanitiser.

The inner layout is not particularly remarkable. There is only one flat pocket, but in reality, you do not need much more to organise the contents.

Speaking of the interior of the bag, it would be a travesty not to acknowledge the sheer awesomeness of the microfiber lining. The dark purple colour of the textile serves as the perfect disguise to minor make-up stains or lip gloss leakages, making the Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini bag one of the few bags in my collection which I am happy to use without any liner for protection. Not having to worry about stains and spillages inside of a pricey designer handbag is a rare luxury these days.

Another great feature of the Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini bag is the slip pocket at the front. It may not be large enough to contain anything substantial. But in the case of petite, cross-body styles, any extra storage space is always welcome. Personally, I have been using it quite a lot, mainly to carry a travel card or a face mask, because it is the ideal size for it. To be honest, if you really want to, you can just about fit in an iPhone 11. But it is a squeeze! To me, the slip pocket is a fantastic asset and makes Deauville Mini far more practical than many other small designs.

What I also really love about the Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini bag is the colour of vachetta trimmings. Due to being treated, the vachetta has a beautiful, aged appearance in a rich and rusty shade of brown imitating dark patina. The hue is simply divine. More importantly, the coating also protects it from excessive wear and tear.

Those familiar with the natural vachetta used in Louis Vuitton bags will know how this kind of leather is particularly prone to staining and discolouration from the likes of water, hand creams and antibacterial gels. By incorporating only the treated vachetta, there is a good chance that the Deauville Mini bag should preserve its pristine look much longer.

The next noteworthy element is the shoulder strap. Its length can be regulated so it is easy to find the right drop to suit individual taste and needs. As a result, the bag will look right no matter how tall or short you are. This is definitely a huge pro, especially as not all Louis Vuitton camera bags have this function. For instance, in Louis Vuitton New Wave the length is fixed.

As if that was not enough, the strap can also be unclipped and substituted by something else to create a more unique style. On one occasion, I saw the Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini bag with a chain strap which made it look really striking. You can also do away with the strap altogether and use the trunk as a clutch. But for me, it is a little too chunky for that, so I have not been tempted to take advantage of this option just yet. Nevertheless, it is there if needed be.

The one final, related point is the positioning of the metal rings linking the strap to the trunk of the bag. In the Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini bag, the loops are situated diagonally from each other at opposing sides of the trunk. This provides extra balance and prevents the bag from tipping over in the same way as the YSL Lou Camera Bag occasionally does (you can find the full review here). This is only a small detail, but some may find it annoying, and so I wanted to bring attention to this point here. [Back to Menu]

Louis Vuitton monogram canvas camera bag bag carried crossbody

Wear and tear

Since I got my Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini, I have been carrying it almost non-stop and, so far, it has been holding up really well. The bag displays no excessive signs of use, at least for now, and I have not been fussing over it at all. In fact, quite frequently I would end up chucking it on the floor, paying no particular attention to where it lands.

While the simple construction of Deauville Mini, combined with cleverly positioned leather trims, give hope for longevity, some aspects of the design are bound to be susceptible to deterioration. Firstly, the large pieces of vachetta, at the front and the back, are likely to develop some discolouration and scratches. It is virtually impossible to use the bag, e.g. zip it or hold it, without touching them. Likewise, it is difficult to insert anything into the front pocket without contact with the vachetta. When I look very closely at my bag, this is where I can detect most of the early signs of wear and tear.

Photo showing signs of use on an LV Mini Deauville bag
This photo clearly shows the types of minor marks and scratches which appear on the vachetta after some use of the bag.

In the original Deauville bag, the vachetta was similarly exposed to deterioration. In fact, much more so, as it was untreated and therefore more fragile and prone to damage. If you ever come across any vintage Deauville bags, you will rarely find one with the vachetta still intact.

I also expect that the decorative vachetta edges may eventually show marks and scratches because of their placement. Even though they are not connected to the base of the bag – and so, to an extent, they are shielded – inadvertently they will pick up some dirt while the bag is being handled. In particular, the back corners are likely to rub against clothing, although the treated vachetta should provide some buffer against colour transfers and staining.

Finally, I do not know what to make of the strap and I am wondering how long it is going to stay intact. Unlike other styles, in the Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini bag there is only one row of stitching running down the centre of the shoulder strap connecting, what appears to be, three thin layers of leather (these seem to be pressed together and joined by some sort of glue, but I am not sure).

Strap of Deauville Mini bag
Close-up on the single-line stiching running all the way down the shoulder strap.

The single line of stitching, with no additional reinforcement of edges, makes me a little nervous that the strap may eventually come apart. I have also observed small lines forming in places where the strap was repetitively bent, as shown above. These wrinkles are bound to become more prominent with continuous use of the bag, giving the strap a worn look. The good news is that, should it ever happen, the strap is detachable so it can always be removed and replaced by something else to give the bag a new lease of life.  [Back to Menu]

Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini bag carried over the shoulder

Is the Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini bag worth it?

As a new take on the old classic, the Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini bag conveys a striking sense of familiarity, However, the overall presentation of the bag, characterised by its compact size and the crossbody strap, bring the timeless design closer to current fashion trends.

Deauville Mini should easily win over those who cannot resist the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram canvas, but prefer to use it in moderation. By virtue of being small, the bag incorporates just enough canvas to make a visual statement and enhance an outfit. Still, not enough to dominate it entirely. To me, this was one of the main selling points because, when it comes to branded logos, I personally feel that less is more.

Those unconvinced by the functionality of crossbody styles should also relish the fact that Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini is exceptionally practical for a petite bag. With its perfect proportions, dark interiors, adjustable and detachable strap, the front slip pocket and a limited scope for wear and tear, this model has been clearly envisioned and crafted with a significant use in mind.  When it comes to mini bags, I rarely struggle to identify some design flaws. Yet, in this instance it seems like Louis Vuitton have thought of virtually everything and for that they truly deserve thumbs up.

On the whole, I believe that the Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini bag is a great investment piece. Also, I am really pleased that the circumstances have forced me to consider this style. Had I been able to buy the Nano, I would never have given it a second thought. Objectively, Deauville Mini has so much more to offer that Nano Speedy, such as the removable and adjustable strap, better dimensions (21 x 16 x 7 cm for Deauville Mini vs 16 x 12.5 x 10 cm for Nano) and the treated leather trims which should age better. 

The one undisputed advantage of Nano Speedy over Deauville Mini, aside of being the coveted classic, is its retail price. At the time of writing (that is, as of September 2021) the official price of the Nano in the UK is £830 versus £1,340 for Deauville Mini. While this may create the impression that Deauville Mini is somewhat overpriced, to me, all the extra practical features are worth the uplift. Besides, what is the use in the Nano being less expensive if you cannot easily buy it?

Another redeeming feature of Nano is the fact that it holds its value well. Due to limited supply, a used Nano in a very good condition often fetches nearly double of its original value on a secondary luxury market e.g. Vestiaire, whereas Deauville Mini bags sell below the original retail price.

Will the Louis Vuitton Deauville Mini bag hold up against the ever-fickle fashion trends and still be en vogue in ten years’ time? It is hard to know for sure. But to me, this adorable and stylish bag encapsulating the best of Louis Vuitton is a little treasure and I am confident that I am going to love it in the future as much as I do now. My verdict: A rising star. [Back to Menu]

Picture of the LV Mini Deauville bag

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