Gucci slides have taught me how to fall in love with summer shoes.

Until recently, sandals have not been a noteworthy feature of my wardrobe. The few pairs I owned, I would wear almost exclusively on holidays – otherwise they would rarely see the light of day (such are British summers!).

It also did not help that finding the right pair of slip-ons has always been a headache. Because of low-ish arches, many styles of slides felt either loose-fitting or not particularly comfortable. In consequence, I was consciously steering clear of sandal shopping to avoid disappointments. I also ended up naturally drawn towards mules because buying a pair was never a hassle.

However, since relocating to the Middle East, it soon became apparent that relying mostly on mules was simply not going to work. You cannot survive here without a decent pair of sandals on a scorching hot day. Grudgingly, I had to overcome my aversion towards slides and slowly started building a collection of summer shoes. Something, I never thought possible.

Gucci slides were one of the first styles to arouse my curiosity. Having discovered Gucci footwear over two decades ago, they have been my go-to luxury brand for comfortable shoes ever since. I rarely paid any attention to their slip-ons, though.

The first pair I tried on were the classic chevron leather Double G or “GG” Gucci slides. Rather unexpectedly, they turned out to be a perfect match so, of course, I had to have them! Soon afterwards, I followed up with a pair in canvas and, later, in embroidered leather. The shoes have been such a fantastic find that I will be watching out for future iteration of this style, for sure. 

So as a reluctant sandal shopper, I am dedicating this post to the Double G Gucci slides. Aside from the usual focus on comfort, fit and wear, I will also shed some light on how the leather version compares to the canvas, and how they measure up against other popular high-end brands. Hopefully, I can convince you that the GG Gucci slides can be a great option even for those who have long lost their love of summer shoes.

Gucci slides

The look and first impressions

Image of black flat sandals in chevron leather finish.
GG Gucci sandals in matelasse leather with chevron pattern and antique gold hardware.
Image of black and brown slip-ons in monogram canvas and leather finish.
Gucci slides in GG monogram canvas with leather trims and high-shine hardware.
Image of beige slip-ons in embroidered leather.
Gucci slides in GG logo embroidered leather with golden high-shine hardware.

While I would not necessarily call them elegant, there is something charming and timeless about their plain silhouette.

The flats have square-ish and subtly profiled fronts with a fairly generous toe box. Despite being mostly square, the fronts of Double G Gucci slides are nowhere near as angular or wide as the more edgy Bottega Veneta Lido flat sandals (photo comparison below).

The cut of the toe box is one of my favourite features of this model because it creates plenty of space for the foot and prevents toes from overhanging. It also makes the shoes wonderfully comfortable. I often struggle to find designer sandals that fit because many have narrow, overly profiled fronts and my toes end up spilling out (Orans, anyone?). However, this is not the case here at all.

Image comparing Gucci and Bottega Veneta flat sandals
Side-by-side comparison of the flat GG Gucci slide and the Bottega Veneta Lido flat sandal. As is evident, the toe box in the Lido slip-on is considerably wider and squarer than that of the Gucci sandal.
Image showing side by side comparison of Gucci and Christian Dior flat sandals.
The toe box of the Christian Dior Dway flat sandal is narrower and more profiled than that of the Double G Gucci slide.

While Double G Gucci slides may not be particularly striking, the one aspect which does stand out is the metallic, oversized GG motif decorating the strap. The overlapping double G logo is, of course, a tribute to the founder of the brand – Guccio Gucci. Depending on the seasonal edition, the decorative plaque has so far been available in gold and silver-tone hardware, with either antique or high-shine finish. I like the fact that Gucci alternates the hardware because, that way, they can easily cater to different tastes.

In the classic version of the shoes, the strap of  Double G Gucci slides is made of the quilted matelassé leather enhanced by a chevron pattern or embroidered GG logo. The leather is lovely and smooth with a bit of shine. The slightly puffy-looking matelassé leather compliments the GG logo very well, in my opinion, by setting it off to make it more prominent.

Other versions of Double G sandals are also available, for instance, with the outer layer of the strap wrapped in monogram canvas with contrasting leather trims, and other seasonal fabrics, including denim. These iterations project a rather relaxed look.

While I own both the monogram canvas and the leather versions of GG Gucci slides, my favourite finish is the logo embroidered leather because it is subtle, versatile and compatible with the smart casual style of clothing, which I prefer. | Back to Menu

Gucci slides

Do Double G Gucci slides run true to size?

Yes, the flat GG Gucci slides run true to size.

In this model, I have settled for my usual European size 37.5 which fits perfectly. In the boutique, I also tried on size 38, for comparison. The latter felt markedly looser and far less secure on the foot, despite only a minor difference in the length of the insole. It might have been just the pair I tried on, but it seemed like the tightness of the upper strap varied quite considerably depending on the shoe size you chose.

For those interested in specifics concerning the fit of the EU size 37.5, the inner sole of Double G Gucci slides measures 25cm, similarly to Gucci Princetown mules in the same size (for my honest review of Princetown mules, click here). In the widest part, the insole measures 7.5cm, which is quite standard for designer footwear. | Back to Menu

GG Gucci Slides

Are Double G Gucci slides comfortable?

The flat Double G Gucci slides are wonderfully comfortable. Without exaggeration, they are one of the most comfortable sandals I own right now.

Interestingly, the sandal’s footbed is not particularly thick and there appears to be no extra cushioning at the ball of the foot or on the outer sole, as it is the case with e.g. the Bottega Veneta Rubber Lido. This does not make them any less wearable. On the contrary, they seem perfectly balanced and sufficiently padded. I have worn them for hours at a time and never got sore or tired feet.

The 1.5cm heel of Double G Gucci slides is also high enough to support arches and protect the sole of the foot from impact. Many luxury brands opt for 1cm heel, or less. However, those who have tried near-flat sandals will know how difficult it can be to have them on for longer periods of time. Christian Dior Dway slides are the prime example of this, in my experience. Thus, a few extra millimeters of elevation may not seem like much, yet it can make all the difference in terms of comfort. Details like these are precisely what gives these Gucci slides an edge over a competition.

Heel comparison between Christian Dior and Gucci slip-on
Side-by-side comparison of heels in the Double G Gucci slide and the Christian Dior Dway flat sandal. The former measures 1.5cm whereas the latter measures 0.5cm.

Another excellent feature of GG Gucci slides is how secure and steady they feel when worn. The chunky upper strap measuring circa 8cm in width (10cm in the widest part) provides a firm grip, so the shoes never slip off or feel loose. The strap also prevents the foot from sliding forward, ensuring that toes stay firmly in place and never protrude outside of the shoe.

A possible downside of the snug-fitting strap is that these Gucci slides may not be entirely compatible with particularly wide feet or high arches. Anyone affected by this may find the embroidered leather version of the shoes a better match. At least from my experience, they seem to have a slightly more relaxed strap when compared to the canvas or the chevron leather variety.

As an additional point, in the chevron leather version of Double G Gucci slides, the strap feels a little rigid when the shoes are new. The strap was noticeably grazing against the skin of my arches the first few times I wore the sandals. I experienced something similar with the Valentino Roman Stud slide sandals, when I first bought them, so this occurrence is not attributable exclusively to GG Gucci sandals.

Fortunately, as the leather softens with wear the rubbing eventually goes away. Anyone who cannot tolerate the initial mild discomfort should reach out for a non-rub stick to alleviate irritation, as it helps tremendously.

Incidentally, this issue does not occur in the canvas or the GG embroidered version of these slide sandals – only in the quilted chevron leather. This may have something to do with the way the ornamental stitching makes the leather less flexible when the shoes are brand new. | Back to Menu

GG Gucci slides

Wear and tear

The wear and tear in my Double G Gucci slides has been minimal so far, which is always welcome when it comes to high-end designer shoes.

When I bought the first pair of the sandals, the two areas where I was expecting to see early signs of use were: (i) the golden Gucci logo print on the inner sole and (ii) the fronts.

With the logo stamp, I assumed the golden print would either fade away or become rubbed off, thus showing the age of the shoes. As for the fronts, my main concern was that they would deteriorate quickly because the notably thin sole might not protect the exposed edges sufficiently well.

Luckily, I was wrong on both counts.

The golden logo print has turned out to be surprisingly hard-wearing. In the black pair of my GG Gucci slides, which I have owned the longest and used the most, the letter “G” is only slightly fainter than the rest of the logo. However, even this is very subtle and only visible in broad daylight.

Close-up of the insole in GG Gucci sandal
The above photo shows that the letter “G” is slightly fainter than the rest of the golden stamp logo decorating the inner sole of these Gucci slides.
Image comparing two types of sandals and damage to the leather edging
The front edging of my GG Gucci slip-ons does not show the same degree of deterioration as that of Gucci Horsebiit ankle strap sandals, even though I have worn the black GG slides more often.

As for the fronts, they have also remained largely intact with no significant chips, scuffs or other unsightly marks. Some spots and discolouration can be observed on the edges upon close inspection, but these are not particularly obvious. The fact that the fronts are holding up so well has to be attributed to the superior craftsmanship of the shoes, combined with a clever design where the tip of the sole is protected by a very slight upward curve.

I have been paying special attention to this aspect, given that I have observed considerable and quick deterioration of the fronts in other sandals in my collection, notably in the Tod’s T-Strap sandals and in the Gucci Horsebit ankle strap sandals.

As for the parts where wear and tear is most apparent, these can be seen in the subsequent images.

Again, using the pair of my black Double G Gucci slides as a reference, the area where I have noticed some damage is the strap. Firstly, there are some scratches on the inner side of the leather strap caused by the sandals occasionally rubbing against each other during walking. There is also a small scuff on the edge of the strap where the leather brushes against the skin.

Image showing damage to the shoe strap caused by friction
Scuffs and marks on the side of the sandal which have developed with use. Unfortunately, they are difficult to photograph, but easily discernible in day light.
Image showing damage to the strap in GG slides
Lines and wrinkles in the GG embroidered leather.
Image showing deterioration of leather in slip-on shoes due to wear
A scuff in the edging of the slide caused by the leather brushing against the skin.

In the beige version of my Gucci slides (i.e. the ones with the embroidered GG pattern), I have also noticed creases on top of the strap caused by the bending of leather. Presumably, the appearance of these lines is exacerbated by the light colour of the shoes, which easily exposes imperfections. The leather itself is more malleable too, as the decorative, stitched-on GG pattern is not restricting the strap in the same way as the chevron design (which makes the leather stiffer and unyielding).

The above areas are the only ones where I have observed signs of use. If I notice anything additional down the line, I will supplement this review. | Back to Menu

GG Gucci Slides

Cons of Double G Gucci slides

I absolutely love GG Gucci slides and for my lifestyle needs they could not be more perfect. However, I acknowledge that some aspects of this model may not appeal to everybody.

The first one is a potentially dated appearance. In the shoe world of the moment dominated by bold, angular soles and daring studs, Double G Gucci slides can come across somewhat old-fashioned. The square cut of the toe may guarantee comfort, but it lacks flare and is likely to underwhelm those looking for edgy styles.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with a low-key look which is just a matter of taste. Nonetheless, I suspect some may find the idea of the GG sandals too old-school to entertain.

Secondly, this model – while popular now – is not guaranteed to become one of Gucci’s signature styles in the same way as e.g. the Brixton or Jordaan loafers (for review of Gucci Brixton loafers, please click here).

There is no doubt that since the introduction of the matelassé leather line of accessories, the Gucci brand has experienced a form of renaissance. The GG logo embellished matelassé shoes and bags have become a colossal commercial success and can be seen everywhere. However, this type of hype can result in market oversaturation, where even the coolest of styles eventually lose their flare and following. I fear this is where we are headed now, albeit slowly, and that Double G Gucci slides may become a casualty of this success.

Naturally, longevity of a style is not everyone’s concern. Many people, myself including, prioritise quality and comfort over chasing the latest fashion. However, those bothered by the aging of styles might want to consider that Double G Gucci sandals may not look as trendy in 2-3 years’ time as they do now due to current overexposure of the matelassé GG line. | Back to Menu

Gucci sandals

How much are Gucci slides?

The price of Double G Gucci slides varies depending on their finish, i.e. the chevron leather version is more expensive than the canvas. It is also more cost efficient to purchase the shoes in some countries over others. Hence, if you are planning to travel, it is worth keeping track of local Gucci prices as well as currency exchange rates in order to secure the best deal possible.

As of December 2022,  prices of the flat GG Gucci slides shown in this review have been, as follows:

UK: £550 for the embroidered leather finish, £525 for the chevron leather finish and £490 for the canvas finish.

Europe: EUR 620 for the embroidered leather finish, EUR 590 for the chevron leather finish and EUR 550 for the canvas finish.

USA: $780 for the embroidered leather finish, $750 for the chevron leather finish and $720 for the canvas finish.

UAE: AED 3200 for the embroidered leather finish, AED 3100 for the chevron leather finish and AED 2900 for the canvas finish.

At the time of writing of this post, i.e. at the end of the year 2022, the cheapest place to buy Double G Gucci slides appears to be Europe. They are considerably more expensive in the US and the Middle East. This is, of course, based on the current exchange rates. For instance, right now the price differential of the embroidered GG Gucci slides sold in Europe versus the US is approximately $120 and circa AED 800 in the UAE.

Countries of the European Union also offer tax-free shopping for non-EU residents. Thus, if you do not live in the EU you can recoup an additional amount of VAT on your purchases prior to leaving the country you are visiting. Recently, I tried this process in Spain and it was easy and highly efficient.

Taking shopping in Spain as an example, with the tax refund, and based on the current currency exchange, the embroidered GG Gucci slides are approximately $200 cheaper in Spain than they are in the US, and circa AED 1,100 cheaper than in the UAE. The price difference between UK and Spain with the VAT refund is around £90 right now.

I understand that this section will be out of date soon, especially as the price of Double G Gucci slides increases and the currency exchange rates fluctuate. However, my main point here is: if you are interested in buying GG slides and have scheduled a trip to Europe, it is worth checking local prices of Gucci products because you may bag yourself a great bargain. | Back to Menu

Gucci slides

Are Double G Gucci slides worth it?

I have been in the awe of the flat GG Gucci slides ever since I got them and, without hesitation, I would recommend them to anyone looking for a pair of quality designer sandals. As an investment, they have been worth all the money I spent on them, and more.

One of the biggest draws of the slides is, in my opinion, the effortless blend of beauty and function. They are the prime example of a fine Italian design executed to utter perfection, also offering supreme comfort and durability. While numerous luxury brands sell stunning shoes, many of them do not last, some take a long time to break in and others are never comfortable. None of this is an issue here – Double G Gucci slides seem to have it all.

Longevity of the design deserves a special mention because it goes to the root of value for money. Gucci footwear is generally reputed to last for years, if properly cared for. My experiences with GG Gucci slides so far seem to attest to this. Example? The slides shown in this review have survived unscathed the ultimate test of a gruelling Middle Eastern summer with exposure to extreme heat and humidity. If that is not a testimony to their sturdiness, I do not know what is.

Another reason why GG slip-ons are such a good investment is their practicality and versatility. I love how the low-key design compliments both smart and casual clothing so you can dress them up or down, depending on the occasion. I have worn my Double G Gucci slides with shorts, skinny jeans and dresses and they always looked presentable. The fact they can be worn and enjoyed in so many ways somewhat makes up for the extravagant price tag.

Naturally, it is difficult to find shoes without some flaws and Double G Gucci slides are no exception. As mentioned earlier, some may be put off by their old-school look. There is also no certainty that this style of sandals will age well. For an arguably seasonal model, they are expensive too, albeit the price seems reasonable when compared to other luxury brands i.e. Chanel or Bottega Veneta. These aspects should certainly be considered when choosing GG slip-ons.

Irrespective of the minor drawbacks, as someone who used to detest sandal shopping, I cannot express how happy I am to have found GG Gucci slides. They genuinely helped me rediscover passion for sandals. I can wear them with confidence and enjoyment. Given how much use I got out of them so far, they have turned out to be an excellent value for money too.

Overall, I would recommend them as a good choice to those who place importance on comfort, quality and longevity in luxury footwear, and who prioritise those aspects over the latest trends. If this sounds like your kind of thing, you are in for a treat! | Back to Menu

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