YSL Lou camera bag

YSL Camera Bag Review – All about the Lou

Oct 24th, 2020 Handbags Unwrapped 36 min read

Still can’t get that YSL Lou camera bag out of your head? I know just what you mean… Those of you who have read my post about the Saint Laurent Loulou Toy bag a few months ago, would know that I had my doubts about YSL Lou camera bags for quite some time. While I always liked the overall appearance of the bags, ultimately it…

Saint Laurent Loulou Toy feature image

Saint Laurent Loulou Toy Bag Review – A star is born

Jun 2nd, 2020 Handbags Unwrapped 24 min read

Saint Laurent bags have been enjoying immense popularity in the recent years with styles such as Sac De Jour, Kate or Loulou reaching the near-icon status. But while I have been admiring them from afar, my enthusiasm for Saint Laurent bags has been relatively low. Even though elegant, they always seemed overly demure next to the bolder styles offered by houses of Gucci or Chanel….