What has inspired me to write this review of Jimmy Choo Romy heels is a conversation not long ago with a work colleague who mentioned she dreamt about a pair of Choos. Why? Because she heard that they were the most comfortable high heel shoes of all. And that got me thinking… Are they really worth all the fuss and are they as comfortable as they are claimed to be? Off the top of my head, I can think of one or two other shoe brands which, in my books, would earn the prize for “the” most comfortable pumps ever. But this is my opinion and does not mean that the Choos could not be in the running for the title. They have certainly been elevated to the status of one of the most coveted shoe brands of all times thanks to the very glamorous ladies of the Sex and the City TV show. And the honest truth is that what Choos may lack in some areas, they definitely make up for in sheer fabulousness.

In this review I wanted to focus on one of the classics from the house of Jimmy Choo, the Romy pump. These timeless pumps, as seen on absolutely everyone from our lovely Duchess of Cambridge to Michelle Obama, have earned leagues of fans championing them as the ultimate must-have luxury shoes. As with all my reviews, I will be focussing on their comfort, fit and durability of Jimmy Choo Romy heels and exploring whether these stylish heels are worth their rather hefty pricetag.

Jimmy Choo Romy pumps

Do Jimmy Choo Romy heels run true to size?

When it comes to sizing, Jimmy Choo shoes can be somewhat capricious. I own a few pairs of Choos in sizes 37, 37.5 and 38, all of which fit well. Thankfully, when it comes to Jimmy Choo Romy heels, there is more consistency. In my current shoe collection, I have two pairs of Romys, the kid leather version in 10cm heel and the patent one with 6cm kitten heel, both of which fit like a standard size 37.5 (that is UK 4.5). So my advice to anyone thinking of ordering a pair of kid or patent leather Romy pumps on-line is not to make any tweaks because they run true to size.

What about other finishes? Unfortunately, I have not tried the glitter version (I am not a glitter kind of girl) so I cannot share any wisdom there. Regarding suede, these ones may be worth trying on in a shop. My experience with suede heels from Jimmy Choo (Abel pumps, not Romys) is that they are very soft and stretch reasonably quickly so going half a size down seems the right choice. However, I cannot guarantee the same applies to Romy pumps so try them on if you can before buying. [Back to Menu]

Jimmy Choo Romy heels full body view

Are Jimmy Choo Romy heels comfortable?

Jimmy Choo Romy heels have the reputation of comfortable shoes and there is no denying that they can be worn for hours without suffering pinched toes or rubbing. They are also available in three different heights, 6cm, 8.5cm and 10cm, which offers a good range of options to those looking for a pair of practical but luxurious pumps.  For me the question of their comfort is contingent more on the finish than the heel itself. But as I have not tried the suede or the glitter Romy pumps, I am basing the assumption solely on my knowledge of the kid and patent leather varieties. So let’s look at it in more detail…

The kid leather used in the make of Jimmy Choo Romy heels is incredibly soft and even though the design incorporates a slim, pointy toe, the pumps are very comfortable from the very first wear. They provide good support for arches, the sole is sufficient cushioned and they feel exceptionally light in comparison to other pumps so the foot does not tire easily. My Romys in kid leather have a 10cm heel and I can honestly say that their wearability in not compromised by the heel height at all, which probably explains why they have been so immensely popular. In fact, they are so soft and perfectly balanced that it is easy to forget that you are wearing stilettos.

JC pumps view from behind
Jimmy Choo Romy heels side view

The patent leather version is somewhat stiffer which makes the toe box feel tighter. This is not to say that Jimmy Choo Romy heels in patent are uncomfortable, it is just that the kid leather compresses toes less during initial outings. Thus, if you opt for the patent version, be prepared to have to stretch the shoes a little at first but rest assured, their comfort improves with time. This observation is based on my experience with Romy 60 heel but I imagine that there will be no substantial difference in case of higher heels because the toe box stays the same.

While the kid leather option may sound like a clear winner in the comfort arena, there is one additional aspect which works in favour of Jimmy Choo Romy heels in patent leather. If you are planning to wear your shoes for extended periods of time, for instance during a long workday, you will find that the sturdy patent leather tends to hold the foot in place better than the smooth and silky kid. I noticed that after several hours of wear, when the foot becomes slightly swollen, the kid pump has a tendency to slip but I am do not know if this phenomenon occurs only in the 10cm heel or all kid pump heights. The patent Romy pump has a better grip and I have never experienced the foot-slipping-out-of-the-shoe effect while wearing them all day long. [Back to Menu]

Jimmy Choo Romy heels view from the right side


Jimmy Choo Romy heels come in a variety of finishes i.e. suede, kid leather, glitter fabric, patent and even crystal encrusted suede as well as many different colours so there is a multitude of options to choose from. For my pairs I opted for the classic black because I was looking for elegant work shoes which could versatile enough to easily transition into more casual look.

Although the design of the shoes is very classic, it is also instantly recognisable thanks to “the Romy heel” which is very slender and sexy, and works wonders in helping to elongate legs. The heel is thinner than that in Louboutin’s Pigalle 100, which also creates the impression of it being higher. The tip of the toe box has been profiled to be pointy but not as sharp as it is the case in Pigalles or Valentino’s Rockstud heels, creating a more subtle but still very feminine appearance. The vamp is low however without leaving toes overexposed.

Like with all Jimmy Choo shoes, Romy pumps are of a superb quality. The craftsmanship is simply outstanding and when you put them on it becomes instantly obvious why you have spent a small fortune to buy them. Jimmy Choo brand are definitely masters of making beautiful shoes. [Back to Menu]

Picture of the Jimmy Choo Romy heels while sitting on a curb

How durable are Jimmy Choo Romy heels?

When I purchased my first pair of Jimmy Choo Romy heels I was worried that it would take no time at all for the thin heel to show scuff marks and that the pointy toe would wear off equally quickly. To my surprise, so far, I have noticed none of the above which is a testimony of the superb quality of Jimmy Choo stilettos.

Naturally, it is inevitable that even the most luxurious pair of pumps will finally start displaying some signs of wear and tear. In case of Jimmy Choo Romy heels 100 in kid, these are linked to the exceptionally soft leather used in their construction. After a year’s use, I have observed gentle “wrinkling” effect in the area where the leather bends during walking. Due to its delicate nature, the leather can also become slightly misshapen if the shoes are not stored properly e.g. without paper inserts supporting the shoe structure. As I did not use any inserts at first and my Romys sat squashed in a box for a while, the leather developed some minimal indents and flattening is some parts. Luckily, these are invisible when the shoes are worn. There are also a few very small scratches on the leather which must have been caused by friction but, again, these are virtually imperceptible unless the shoes are inspected very, very closely.

By contrast with the kid leather, the patent Jimmy Choo Romy heels which have been with me also for around a year show no external signs of use, no scuffs, no scratches, absolutely nothing. I have always been a big fan of patent leather shoes because of their durability and the resilience of Romy patent pumps to wear and deterioration has been fantastic.

The one aspect worth highlighting which may affect durability of Romys is the thin and delicate outer sole. While the undisputed benefit of the supple sole is the fact that it gives the pumps exceptionally soft and light feel, its downside is the propensity for wearing off. I have already noticed the thinning of the sole in the place where it meets the pointed toe box and with the diminishing of the tip of the sole what inadvertently follows is damage to the pointy toe itself. To counter that, it may be worth having them resoled or, at least, reinforcing the tip which should significantly extend the lifespan of these gorgeous shoes. This is something I will definitely be looking into myself. [Back to Menu]

Value for money

The Jimmy Choo fashion house makes high-end footwear and luxury comes with an appropriate price tag. Currently, Romy 100, as seen in this review, can be purchased from the brand’s website at £550 (as of 2022). Admittedly, the idea of paying that amount of money for a pair of simple black stilettos may seem outrageous.

But the truth is, Romy pumps are no ordinary stilettos and their quality and comfort can be rivalled only by few other brands. To me personally, what sets them apart is the fact that Romy pumps in kid leather are probably the softest and the lightest high heel shoes of all in my collection, and I do own a lot of shoes 😊.

Although Romys are very expensive, the great news is that they frequently come on sale. In fact, I have acquired both pairs of my Romy pumps at 20% off which always makes a significant difference at such a hefty price tag. For those looking for a bargain, from time to time you can find Romy pumps on sale online at Flannels. Jimmy Choo also have an outlet store in Bicester Village in the UK where you can buy their shoes at discounted prices so it is always worth popping in there to see what is in stock. Overall verdict: Luxurious classic. [Back to Menu]

Photos by Irene Pedrosa

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