The boyish charm of Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis has been captivating the hearts of fashionistas for nearly a decade. Let’s face it, it is hard not to love a good satchel. Especially one, which originates from one of the most prestigious French fashion houses out there.

When first released in 2012, the bag was a far cry from being an overnight sensation. However, fast forward a couple of years, Pochette Metis has gained an undisputed status as one of the most recognisable and sought-after designs created by Louis Vuitton. And what usually follows, one of the most difficult to find. Even today, the classic version in Monogram Canvas is somewhat a holy grail rarely available in boutiques or on the brand’s website.

The rumours of Pochette Metis being discontinued, which started circulating around 2017, paid a part in bolstering its popularity. Luckily for those who loved the design, the waves of speculation turned out to be unfounded. Not only that… To the delight of many, the brand decided to expand the iterations of the satchel which now include the embossed monogram Empreinte leather in several colours, Monogram Reverse canvas as well as some seasonal versions.

As the years go by, the outpour of adoration for the satchel is not fading away with the bag continuing to be a regular feature among Instagrammers and influences. But arguably, its success has also become its worst enemy. Due to the lasting popularity, the bag has become somewhat overexposed and can be seen virtually everywhere. And what becomes commonplace, eventually loses its charm, no matter how beautiful it might be.

While I had my eyes on Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis for a long time, its widespread reach has always been a bit of a turn-off for me and so, in the end, I could not commit myself to buying it. I really, really did not want to end up with a piece that was ordinary and unexciting. However, eventually the beauty of the bag swayed me, and so I relented and succumbed to the allure of this iconic satchel. A good decision? In this review I will be sharing my thoughts on whether Pochette Metis is still a sound investment and if it is worth falling in love with this glamorous bag.

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis worn crossbody


Pochette Metis is profiled to resemble a small satchel with dimensions of 25 x 19 x 7cm. While on average, satchels may not be considered the most alluring of styles, the petite size, soft silhouette and gold-tone accessories used in Pochette Metis have given it a visibly feminine feel.

As expected from a satchel design, the bag has a large front flap with a top handle attachment. The size and positioning of the handle allows the bag to be carried by hand but does not provide sufficient space to slide it further to let it hang on the wrist in the same way as, for instance, Hermes Kelly bag would (well, this can be achieved but with some difficulty and it does not look quite right).

LV satchel front view
LV satchel back pocket

The fascia of the bag is adorned with an S-lock in golden hardware which connects the front flap to the trunk. The upper part of the closure, attached to the front flap, has a triangular shape and is engraved with an overlapping LV logo in a circle. The bottom part of the lock, affixed to the base, is square, decorated with two pins used to release the lock, and has the words “LOUIS VUITTON PARIS” inscribed at the bottom. To fasten the bag, the little knob located at the back of the triangular clasp has to be inserted into the small hole in the rectangular part of the closure. To open the bag, the left pin on the lower section of the clasp has to be moved right.

The interiors of Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis consist of three parts which comprise two central, expandable compartments and one spacious slip pocket. There is a further, reasonably large, external pocket with a zipper located at the back of the bag, measuring circa 21 x 13cm.

Interiors of pink Pochette Metis
This photo shows the light pink coloured textile used in the lining of Pochette Metise in Rose Poudre
LV satchel in pink side view
Side view of Pochette Metis where you can see that the bag consist of three parts, namely the front pocket, the central compartment and the back slip pocket

An additional feature of Pochette Metis is the removable and adjustable shoulder strap. The strap is affixed the bag by means of engraved metal clasps positioned at each side of the exterior of the trunk, more specifically, its central compartment. The length of the strap can be regulated to create a drop ranging from 48cm to 55cm. This is extremely convenient and means that the model will look good on anyone, irrespective of their height. I am 5’5 and usually use the fourth hole which allows the trunk to reach below my hip level, creating a drop of approximately 52cm. Oddly, the number of the holes in the strap differs between designs, for instance, there are 7 if you choose Empreinte leather but 5 if you opt for Monogram Canvas or Reverse.

Pochette Metis is available in different styles and colours. Aside from the classic and instantly recognisable Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas, there is also the Monogram Reverse as well as the Empreinte leather.  The bag shown in this review is in Empreinte finish, in the colour Rose Poudre i.e. soft pink. It has a grainy texture which is durable and scratch-resistant. The leather used at the bag’s front, back, as well as the flap is embossed with LV logo. The strap, the sides and the top handle are not imprinted. Aside from light pink, Pochette Metis in Empreinte leather is also available in colours such as Black, Scarlett (red), Cherry Berry (dark red), Dune (tourterelle grey), Marine Rouge (navy and red), Crème (light beige), to name just a few. [Back to Menu]


Once you start using Pochette Metis, it quickly becomes apparent why this model is so immensely popular. The blend of size, structure and the overall design makes the bag an exceptionally functional piece. If, like me, you appreciate the practicality of bags in the same way as their aesthetic value, you are bound to fall in love with Pochette Metis in an instant.

It is hard to pinpoint only one favourite feature of Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis as there are so many. Pockets would certainly make that list because they are abundant, decent-sized and well-positioned. The one which I ended up using the most – and can’t get enough of – is the external back pocket. In many designs, outer compartments tend to have a solely decorative function or a limited storage capacity. This is not the case here. In Pochette Metis, the external pocket is large enough to accommodate a card holder, a face mask, or even a phone without looking overly bulbous. On top of that, it has a zipper so the contents can be secured. The closure mechanism in Pochette Metis can be a little finicky so having the easily accessible slip pocket for storing the grab-on-the-go essentials is heaven-sent.

The second notable attribute of the glamorous LV satchel is its versatility. Thanks to the detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, the bag can be carried and presented in many ways. If you need to go hands-free, the strap allows Pochette Metis to hang on the shoulder and is long enough to be used in a crossbody fashion too. For a more feminine appearance, it is possible to remove the strap so the bag can be held by the top handle in a briefcase kind of way (a glamorous briefcase, nonetheless!). Unfortunately, when carried this way, accessing contents becomes a bit awkward. In fact, it is nearly impossible to open the bag without having to use both hands, one to hold the handle and the other to support the trunk and operate the rather tricky lock. How about reaching inside the bag? Ideally, you need a third hand for that! 😉 So yes, that part is a little frustrating… Overall, while my favourite look is the hand-held one, for everyday purposes I find myself relying on the strap the most because it makes carrying and using the bag exceptionally easy.

Another feature which makes Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis highly usable, and which I really like, is its capacity. On the whole, the bag is relatively compact and similarly sized to a small Gucci Marmont bag when viewed from the front, albeit marginally “taller” (for review of Gucci Marmont bag, please click here).

Gucci Mermont bag vs Pochette Metis
Side by side comparison of the small Gucci Marmont bag and Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

Unlike Gucci Marmont, the design comprises three individual inner compartments, allowing the depth of the bag to be expanded considerably, thereby creating a very generous interior space. Who does not like a small bag which can fit a lot of daily essentials? While the standard depth of the bag is 7cm, when expanded, it reaches around 13cm, which is fantastic. On top of that, the ability to increase the depth does not compromise the visual appeal of the bag, which never looks too bulky and retains its lovely, elegant profile. To demonstrate how many essential items can be held inside Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis, I will be showing a fit test in the following section of this review. [Back to Menu]

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis hanging on the shoulder

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis fit test

As mentioned earlier, the bag has a very good capacity. The below photos show what I would usually carry inside of my Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis:

LV Pochette Metis fit test
The above photo shows what I would usually carry inside of my Pochette Metis
Pochette Metis back pocket vs iPhone size comparison
As you can see, the back pocket is very large so it can easily accommodate a mobile phone. This is where I usually carry mine.

As you can see above, the satchel can contain a multitude of personal items. For me, these would be: a small wallet, a hand sanitiser, Chanel “egg” hand cream, a small Tangle Teezer brush, a packet of tissues, mints, a small cosmetic pouch 17cm x 10cm (to hold a compact make-up, some lip glosses, a mini perfume bottle, toothbrush and small toothpaste), keys, as well as the iPhone. For a compact design, this is a significant number of belongings, indeed.

The fit test is carried out with essentials being placed inside of bag organisers. Understandably, these reduce the interiors of the bag, albeit not by a huge amount. Those of you who do not like using organisers will find the bag even more spacious. [Back to Menu]

Durability and other issues

Despite its status as one of the most coveted bags, Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis has been prone to some issues. As this subject has already been explored in detail on many blogs, I am not going to discuss all of them here. Instead, I will focus on matters, which might be pertinent to the model shown in this review, namely Pochette Metis in Empreinte leather.

The one, possibly the most frequently discussed, problem affecting the design concerns glazing. For those wondering what glazing was, we are talking about the piping protecting the edges from wearing out and also makeing them more appealing. Unfortunately, it is widely reported that in Pochette Metis, especially the Monogram Canvas variety, glazing has a tendency for coming apart. This predominantly occurs in the part where the sharp metal clasps of the strap rub against the glazing on the flap. This issue is a well-known flaw of the design and can be repaired at one of Louis Vuitton boutiques, you just need to bring your receipt. However, quite understandably, it is a cause of much frustration among fashionistas because no one wants to see their bags falling apart, especially when they are well taken care of.

Before I purchased my bag, I did some research regarding this point and discovered that Pochette Metis in Empreinte finish was less affected by this issue. This is what swayed me to opt for the Empreinte version in the end, even though I much preferred the look of Monogram Canvas. And so far, so good. No signs of cracking glazing just yet.

However, I can see exactly why the problem would occur. Whenever I carry Pochette Metis on the shoulder, I have a bad tendency for placing my right hand on top of the flap and sort of hold on to the strap (don’t ask me why). On the move, the pointed edges of the metal clasp repetitively hit my hand and rub against the skin to the point of being quite painful. Supposedly, my hand were not in the way, the clasp would be brushing against the glazing on the flap instead, causing it to weaken. It makes sense that the thicker Empreinte leather would be more resilient to the continuous impact than the softer canvas. Nevertheless, realistically, I would not be surprised if even the sturdy leather started giving way at some point. Should I notice any changes, I will keep you posted.

Pochette Metis glazing issues
The above photo shows how the metal clasp of the strap comes in contact with the glazing

Another, somewhat frustrating, aspect of Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis is the fastening mechanism. As explained earlier, in order to open the bag or to secure it, one of the knobs positioned at the front of the S-lock has to be moved. The trouble is, releasing of the clasp is not always straightforward. In fact, on occasions it gets jammed, especially when the front pocket of the bag is relatively empty. But that is not the end of the story. Again, when the satchel is not filled to the brim, fastening the bag can be equally awkward. You really need to make sure that the central knob is put in the right position and pushed far enough so it clicks and secures the lock. If not done properly, it will pop out and leave the bag open. On a few occasions, I found myself unwittingly walking around with an unlocked bag because the central knob did not connect fully with the clasp, something that is easily done.

Understandably, the constant fiddling with the lock is bound to take its toll on the appearance of its fascia which will eventually start developing minor scratches. I have also read on one fashion blog that when the golden metal coating wears off, it begins to show silver undertones – and not everyone likes it. To preserve it, it may be a good idea to leave the plastic protectors on for as long as possible. They will eventually start peeling off but they are transparent and should not compromise the charm of the bag even if the edges come off a bit.

LV satchel S-lock close up
In this photo you can see the close up on the plastic protectors covering the lock. They are nearly undetectable and so can be retained to safeguard the metal plate against scratches.

Those who like to keep their bags in a pristine condition may also want take note of the fact that Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis is prone to becoming a bit mucky. There are a few contributory factors here. Firstly, there is the top handle which, due to the design of the bag, ends up being in frequent use. Unsurprisingly, the more we grab the handle, the more it collects residue from greasy hand creams, harsh alcohol-loaded sanitisers, sweat and dirt. These will be particularly affecting the lighter-coloured pieces, but also the Monogram Canvas version which has the natural, venchetta leather handle, known to be susceptible to marks.

To preserve the hand grip, it is a good idea to use a bandeau wrapped around the handle which will absorb a lot of the offending factors, protect the leather in the long term, and can be regularly washed. There are a lot of bandeaus to choose from on Louis Vuitton website, not exactly cheap for a small piece of silk, but they are a good investment option to anyone who cares about longevity of their bags. They also give the satchel individual character so it will strike a chord with those who like accessorising their bags.

The second part of Pochette Metis susceptible to soiling is the inner lining. Depending on the finish of the bag, the lining is made of either textile (Empreinte) or microfibre (Monogram Canvas and Monogram Reverse Canvas). Neither of these materials is water or stain-proof and both are likely to absorb residue from leaking lip glosses, pens, make-up or else. Naturally, the lighter the shade of the lining, the greater the scope for damage. Bags in Empreinte finish are more vulnerable because their interiors are generally light-coloured, whereas the black microfibre lining of the Monogram Reverse Canvas is more hard-wearing.

In the case of Pochette Metis in Rose Poudre, as shown in this review, the interiors are light pink. When I first got the bag, I knew instantly there was no way I was going to keep it clean. Because of this, I was reluctant to use the bag much. Shame and certainly not what you want from what is, otherwise, a very practical design. Eventually, I found an organiser for my Pochette Metis which turned out to be a total game changer. Honestly, it is so much easier to enjoy the Louis Vuitton satchel without the constant worry about mucking up the inner textile! The one shown in this review is from Handbag Angels (I bought it myself, so this is not a paid-up endorsement). They come in different colours and are made specifically to fit Pochette Metis. I would definitely recommend investing in one of these pieces, or any other brand of organisers for that matter, because they are a fantastic way of reducing wear and tear and preserving the original condition and, ultimately, the value of the bag. [Back to Menu]

Pink Pochette Metis held by the top handle

Is Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis worth it?

Even though I had some initial doubts about the model, Pochette Metis from Louis Vuitton has taken me by surprise. The design has proven to be exceptionally practical and versatile, and therefore quickly achieved the status of one of the most used styles in my collection. Yes, there are a few annoyances and things to watch out for, like the fastening mechanism or the lining, but these are only minor and nothing to lose sleep over. Frankly, I did not expect that I would enjoy using the luxurious satchel as much as I have, so in that respect, the purchase has been a great success.

The bag is stylish and beautiful, and every time I have it with me, someone compliments it. It is true that, by now, the design is well known but it seems that people are still enchanted by Pochette Metis. The colour shown in this review, Rose Poudre, is truly captivating in real life. However, if you are not a pink-kind-of-person, there is a multitude of other colours and the leather finishes to choose from, so everyone can find something that suits their individual taste. Whichever shade you opt for, it will end up with a gorgeous piece. Who knew that satchels could have such visual appeal?

One additional aspect which, in my view, makes the bag a worthy investment is the price. I think everyone would be in agreement that Louis Vuitton bags are, by no stretch of imagination, cheap. However, at the price point of circa £1,800 depending on the style you choose (ranging from £1,780 for Monogram Canvas to £1,970 for Empreinte leather, both as of 2022), the designer arm candy is not prohibitively expensive. Louis Vuitton bags are certainly not in the same sphere of unattainability as Hermes or Chanel, even despite the frequent and, occasionally, ill-judged price increases. For a bag which is bound to be regularly used, Pochette Metis offers a good value for money. In addition, if you are lucky enough to land one in Monogram Canvas, this style is likely to preserve, and even increase, its value in time due to the scarcity of the model.

If you are looking for a practical but feminine design which will not break the bank, Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis will be the bag for you. In fact, once you finally get it, you may end up wondering what took you so long. True, the style may necessitate a little bit of upkeep, and even servicing, at some point to maintain the original look. However, this is a small price to pay and can be easily organised at one of the brand’s boutiques. I would not hesitate in recommending the bag to anyone so for that, my verdict of Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis is: Glamorous everyday essential. [Back to Menu]

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