I have had a pair of Gucci Jordaan ankle boots on my mind for a while but, equally, for a long time I could not decide whether to choose them over the ever-popular Gucci fringed, double G boots. For one thing, the fringed boots have been receiving far more love and attention among the online fashion community whereas there have been virtually no reviews of Jordaans boots. I thought it very strange for boots which have been around for a few seasons. Was anyone buying them at all?

This made me wonder whether the former were truly superior or whether Jordaans only slipped under the radar because they were low key and less Instagrammable but otherwise much loved? Admittedly, in terms of appearance Joardaan ankle boots were nice but nothing to rave about unlike the fringed double GG boots which were definitely the attention commanding fashion accessory. However, as my priority was comfort, and it is universally acknowledged that Gucci Jordaan loafers are one of “the” ultimate comfort shoes, I was hoping that what the ankle boots lacked in style would be made up for in wearability.

So, despite some initial concerns, I decided to choose comfort over style and purchased a pair of these classic, albeit slightly boring-looking, boots while crossing fingers that this extravagant purchase would not turn out to be another expensive mistake.

My thought on the Gucci Jordaan ankle boots are shared in this post.

Gucci Jordaan ankle boots side view

Do they run true to size?

I have ordered my pair of Gucci Jordaan ankle boots online so I was a bit nervous about the sizing. Having done some ground research, it seemed that while most shopping websites described the boots as true to size there was also one stating that Jordaans were running large. I decided to go with the majority on this and ordered my usual size 37.5 (UK 4.5). Thankfully the sizing turned out to be perfect!

The design of the boots is relatively narrow but the very supple and soft leather makes them exceptionally well fitting and snug. However, I can imagine that those with particularly wide feet might want to consider trying them on prior to purchase because the style is quite slim and may not be suitable for everyone. [Back to Menu]

Jordaan ankle boots close up


Gucci’s Jordaan ankle boots have a classic design with a slimline silhouette. The style is minimalistic with the sole decorative element being the golden horsebit detailing characteristic the brand affixed to the front. The boots are made entirely of leather with the uppers and interiors crafted out of soft goatskin. They have an interior zipper with the word “Gucci” embossed on both sides of the leather pull tag. The heel measures 1.5cm with a small non-slip patch affixed to it. The design is very clean and plain so there is not much to go on in terms of appearance.

Just to provide some idea of actual dimensions, a pair of Gucci Jordaan ankle boots in size 37.5 has the inner sole with the length of 25.5cm measured from the tip of the toe to the heel and the outer sole of 26cm. The external width of the boots in their widest part reaches 8.5cm whereas the internal width is roughly 8cm. However, I would like to emphasise that the internal sizing details provided here are only approximate because the shape of the boot makes it quite hard to insert a measuring tape. The height of the ankle boot measured from the bottom of the heel and excluding the pull tag is 16.5cm. [Back to Menu]

Gucci Jordaan boots

Are Jordaan ankle boots comfortable?

While the design of Jordaan ankle boots may not be a cause for too much excitement, their comfort certainly is. My experience with ankle boots has taught me that a breaking-in period is frequently needed before they are truly wearable but this is certainly not the case with Jordaans. They can be easily worn straight-out-of-the-box for hours without any damage to toes or the heel of the foot. I have experienced no rubbing of heels, no squashed toes, no stiff edges or seams pressing into the skin causing blisters. The only, very minor, discomfort which I felt in the beginning was the side zipper scratching my foot but this sensation went away with subsequent wear. The metal horsebit detailing is very light and undetectable during walking. Overall, as far as ankle boots go, Jordaans are quite special.

What makes Jordaans so comfortable, in my view, is the snug-fitting silhouette keeping the soft leather close to the skin and effortlessly flexing with each step and movement while holding the foot firmly in place. The uppers are made of 100% goat leather which is divinely silky smooth creating almost a second-skin-like effect. Each boot also has an inside zipper and a pull tab affixed to the heel helping to make the process of putting them on very easy, without having to force the foot in. On top of that, the rubber non-slip patches attached to the bottom of heels make the boots safe to wear on smooth or wet surfaces without sliding. Honestly, I could wax lyrical about the comfort of Jordaan boots for hours.

One aspect of the design which I was slightly worried about prior to buying was the very low heel measuring just 1.5cm. A small, or barely there, heel is not an issue in ballerinas but boots have a completely different structure so my initial concern was that the flat sole would make Jordaans unsuitable for longer walks, putting pressure on foot arches. Enchanted by the classic design, I decided to buy the boots anyway while keeping fingers crossed that I would not need to resort to using foot profiling inserts. Luckily, a few outings in Jordaans have dispelled my concerns and the heels turned out to be a non-issue, at least for me. However, anyone who struggles with flat shoes and needs more heel elevation for comfort might want to consider this attribute before buying Jordaan ankle boots as, admittedly, they feel quite flat. [Back to Menu]

Gucci Jordaan ankle boots

Are Jordaan ankle boots durable?

One of the reasons why I have been gravitating towards Gucci footwear for many years is that the quality of craftsmanship has never been short of immaculate. Gucci Jordaan ankle boots are no exception in that respect, they are beautifully made and feel very light so they do not weigh down the foot. However, no footwear will last forever, not even Gucci Jordaan boots, so I wanted to share here a few initial thoughts about the durability of these fabulous shoes and share tips on how to take care of them.

From the use so far, I can already see that the two areas most likely to exhibit signs of wear and tear are the leather uppers and the sole. As mentioned earlier, the goatskin leather used in Jordaans is exceptionally soft and thus there is no surprise that it is prone to scratches and creasing. I am aware that some wrinkling should be expected with use but it took only one outing for creases to become quite prominent, which I was not too thrilled about. To minimise the appearance of creasing I started using shoe inserts which seemed to help with keeping the leather uppers smooth when the shoes are not worn. Using inserts is something I would definitely recommend to anyone who invested in Gucci Jordaan ankle boots as they will provide some much-needed support to the velvety soft leather and reduce the appearance of lines in the goatskin leather.

Jordaan Gucci ankle boots

The other part of the boot to watch out for is the sole. The leather sole is quite thin and therefore it is possible that it may start wearing off reasonably quickly. On the flipside, my experience with the longevity of leather soles of Gucci footwear in general has been overwhelmingly positive so fingers that Jordaans will follow the same pattern. However, I do not dismiss entirely the possibility of having to resole them at some point.

Another downside of the slimline outer sole, combined with the small heel, is that it provides only a limited protection to the nearby leather uppers. By this, I mean that the uppers are never too far away from splashing puddles or mud capable of damaging or staining the surrounding delicate goatskin leather which, by Gucci’s own admission, has not been waterproofed. In their care booklet, Gucci recommend drying the boots immediately after contact with water. To me, this seem somewhat excessive especially that by virtue of being boots, Jordaans are intended for colder days and these are rarely accompanied by dry and sunny weather. Personally, instead of obsessively wiping off every tiny spec of water, I have been drawing the line at muddy sludge, heavy rain and snow and it seems to work just fine for me. However, anyone who is risk averse may want to avoid wearing the shoes in rain altogether because the thin soles will not shield the boots particularly well.

Gucci Jordaan boots care booklet

The above photo shows an extract from the small booklet enclosed with the boots, providing comments about the nature of the goatskin leather and some (albeit scarce) care instructions. [Back to Menu]

Gucci Jordaan boots at Temple station

Good investment?

I have been really impressed with the Gucci Jordaan ankle boots so far and they have turned out to be everything I had hoped for. While I like their minimalist look which is very versatile, the primary reason for me investing in a pair of Jordaans was the search for quality and comfort, both of which I have received in abundance.

The low heel makes the boots exceptionally practical so they are perfect for running errands and can be worn comfortably for many hours. The highly adaptable, classic design of Jordaans is likely to look as good in 10 years’ time as it does today, and I expect them to last many years if cared for properly because the quality of these boots is simply superb.  Although not the most feminine looking, the slimline silhouette of Gucci Jordaans gives them a very subtle, girly edge without appearing overly cutsey-cute. What is also great about the boots is their chameleon-like quality of blending in and complementing any style, be it casual, edgy or formal attire. Honestly, it is difficult to find much wrong with these boots if you are looking for a stylish, no-fuss design.

One obvious downside of Gucci Jordaan boots is the slightly outrageous price tag of £770 (as of 2020) which you are paying for a pair of, effectively, very simple footwear.  However, viewing them as a long-term investment leading to many years of wear and usage somewhat softens the blow of the otherwise scandalous expense (or so I keep telling myself!). Overall verdict: A trend transcending essential [Back to Menu]

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