I am not one for seasonal fads and prefer classic designs but when I first saw Gucci GG tights, I knew instantly that I absolutely had to have them. As a great fan of patterned tights, with Wolford being my absolute favourite, I found the cool and funky vibe conveyed by the brown GG logo too hard to resits. So off I went to the Selfridges department store in London to get a pair and here are my thoughts.

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Close up on the pattern of Gucci GG tights


My first impression when I asked to see them in the store was one of a surprise, if not to say, slight dismay. Before venturing to the boutique, I browsed through maaaany photos of brown Gucci GG tights online to get a better idea of what they might look like in real life. In photos, the tights seemed to have quite rich and thick, almost woolly finish. However, as I found out there and then, this appearance was only the result of a very cleverly designed print. In fact, the tights had quite synthetic, plastic-y look and feel which should perfectly justifiable considering that they are made of 95% polyamide and 5% elastane. Not exactly what I expected but I guess it was my fault for not checking their composition on the Gucci website.

Gucci GG tights in a box

However, after overcoming the initial shock and accepting that the tights might not feel as luxurious and soft as I had hoped for, I decided to get them anyway. After all, it is not about the texture but what they look like when put on, so I kept telling myself! ๐Ÿ˜Š [Back to Menu]

Picture on the bridge full body view

Design and appearance

The colour scheme of the Gucci GG tights is referred to on the brandโ€™s website as beige and ebony. Personally, I do not see the ebony. Instead, I would describe them as predominantly beige with dark brown motifs, โ€œthe Gucci brownโ€ as I would call it, a shade very characteristic of the brand. In terms of the overall appearance, aside from the GG pattern, there are no specific decorative aspects worth mentioning other than back seams which runs all the way down to the tip of the toe.

When it comes to the structure and design of Gucci GG tights, there are no real bells and whistles. Neither toes nor heels are reinforced and there are no non-slip patches which can sometimes be found in high-end hosiery. There is also no compression in the hip/tight area so they are definitely not intended for form shaping. The tights are held in place by means of a smooth, elastic waistband which is not overly snug, meaning it does not cut into the skin nor is it in any way uncomfortable. So looking at them from a purely practical point of view, Gucci GG tights are just a pair of very plain tights with the sole special effect of a very striking print. [Back to Menu

View of the back seams of Gucci GG tights

Do Gucci GG tights fit true to size?

The tights come in three different sizes, Small (S), Medium (M) and Large (L). Gucci recommends size S for those who are 145-160cm tall, M for 150-165cm and size L for 155-170cm tall. They are reasonably long when compared to other tights so, presumably, they have been designed to cover legs with minimal stretching. I guess this should help ensure their longevity and, letโ€™s face it, with the price tag of ยฃ170 for a perishable item of hosiery one can only hope that they will last as long as possible.

Following the Gucci guide, as an average size 8, 5โ€™5โ€ tall (164cm) individual I purchased a pair in size M. In terms of length, they are an ideal fit. I do not need to stretch them particularly to fit my legs so they slip on and sit very comfortably. More to the point, they do not feel like they are about to snap which can sometimes be the case with stretchy tights.

Close up on the pattern of Gucci GG tights

When it comes the hip area, I find them marginally loose-fitting. While they are not loose to the point of riding down my leg, they could definitely benefit from having some additional hold and support around hips. The label reads that size M is intended for 80-90cm (I guess this refers to the hip width?) but I am not sure if this is entirely correct because with my hips measuring 93cm I find them quite relaxed. In fact, while wearing them I am somewhat worried that in the unlikely event the waistband snapped, the tights might not be able to stay completely in place. Hopefully, this is just me being paranoid but there is no denying that I would feel more reassured if they had a better grip around the hips. This aspect may be something to bear in mind for anyone concerned about the fit, especially those who are petite or between sizes. [Back to Menu]

Full body image with Gucci hosiery and Boy bag


As I have already mentioned in the earlier section, Gucci GG tights do not have any toe reinforcement and, from my experience, this is the area where hosiery always comes under increased pressure. Perhaps Gucci have already thought about it and deployed some invisible, magical strengthening system for the toes (one may but hope!) but otherwise this is the area to watch out for potential holes.

Another aspect of Gucci GG tights which could also come under strain are the back seams. Again, this may just be my experience with other brands but I have found that seams, when put under continuous pressure can, at the minimum, stretch or in the worst case, rip or even form a ladder. The problem with back seems in tights is that you simply cannot escape constantly fiddling and adjusting them to make sure they run straight. Inadvertently, this might stress the fabric more than it would be the case with other, seamless hosiery.

Having said the above, I would like to emphasise here that as I have had my pair of Gucci GG tights for only a few weeks and wear them sporadically, I have not noticed any issues yet, no rips, holes or stretching, which is a good sign. However, as a regular hosiery user I just wanted to flag up what could potentially become an issue off the back of the tights’ design. So please treat my comments only as something to bear in mind if you are thinking of buying a pair of Gucci GG tights. [Back to Menu]

Picture showing Gucci GG tights while sitting down


A pair of Gucci GG tights in brown/beige will set you back ยฃ170. Any rational person might find the idea of paying so much money for a disposable fashion item quite preposterous but these are not regular tights, they are Gucci after all. They are certainly not a utilitarian object predestined for everyday use in the same way as regular tights would be, and I can think of better options for weekly supermarket trips or a school run. Instead, Gucci tights are a luxury item, an ideal gift (to self or others), and a perfect occasion wear. I have no doubts that any owner of Gucci GG logo tights will be taking good care of them and use best endeavours to ensure they last as long as possible. Letโ€™s face it, this is the only way to get the moneyโ€™s worth out of these extravagant tights.

For anyone dreaming of a piece of striking Gucci hosiery but who is not keen on spending that amount of money for a pair of tights, there are also other, cheaper alternatives. A pair of black or ivory, interlocking G tights (very popular of the Instagram) can be purchased for ยฃ85 which is still a lot but considerably less than the price of the brown/beige equivalent. I have not tried those yet but that is what Christmas wish lists are for ๐Ÿ˜‰. [Back to Menu]

Full body view with St Pauls in the background

Are Gucci GG tights a good investment?

Despite my gentle moaning about the fit of the Gucci GG logo tights, I have no regrets about buying them, none whatsoever. Now that I have them in my wardrobe, there is no doubt that they are a real gem. The instantly recognisable GG logo pattern will energise any outfit and compliment many block colours. Every time I put them on I am amazed how striking they look. In fact, they have to be worn to be appreciated as seeing them in a box does not do them much justice.

Are they a necessity? Not really, and there are many other amazing quality patterned tights on the market which can be purchased at a lower price. However, they are a luxurious treat which will make a fantastic addition to any wardrobe for those special occasions when you need to add a bit of sparkle to your outfit. Overall verdict: A luxurious treat. [Back to Menu]

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