Those of you who follow my posts will know that I have already written an extensive review of the brown logo version of Gucci tights earlier last year. However, as I have not dedicated a separate post to the black Gucci tights, and I keep receiving questions about them, I thought it might be helpful to compare these two styles and let you know which one, in my view, is the better investment option. After all, the differences between these two designs stretch far beyond the colour of the print.

The black GG Gucci tights have been immensely popular over the last few months, and not only on the Instagram. If you live or work in a city like London, the chance of never bumping into someone wearing them is rather slim. They have taken the world of fashionistas by storm not only due to their trendy appearance and the clearly recognisable Gucci logo but also thanks to the price point which makes them a reasonably accessible luxury item. They have been so in demand that when I tried to purchase a pair I had to wait two weeks for them to be back is stock. So were they worth the wait?

The focus of the earlier review of the brown Gucci tights were questions of fabric, design, fit, durability and price so I am going to concentrate on the same points here to assess how the black Gucci tights measure against the brown logo counterpart.

black Gucci tights

Fabric and design

While both versions of Gucci tights (i.e. the black vs brown) have a conceptually comparable design with the primary decorative pattern being the linked GG Gucci logo, this is where the similarities truly end.

The main difference lies in the composition of each pair which gives them a distinct look and texture. The brown logo Gucci tights consist of 95% polyamide and 5% elastane (although for some reason the Gucci website states they are made of 100% polyamide) whereas the black version is made of 80% polyamide and 20% elastane. What does this mean in practice? As I have already mentioned in the earlier review, the brown logo stockings have a synthetic feel, which I was not convinced by at first, but which gives the tights a very smooth and sleek finish. The black Gucci tights are much softer to touch and feel much nicer on the skin. However, the downside of the black fabric is that it attracts every speck of dust, fluff and hair (especially pet hair) so you will need to have a lint roller to hand to maintain the presentable appearance. I am not going to lie, the sheer amount of “bits” which get stuck them took me by surprise and not necessarily in a good way.

black vs brown gucci tights

Another aspect differentiating these two pieces of hosiery is the back seams. While the brown GG tights feature the seams, there are none in the black logo version. This can be viewed both as an advantage and a disadvantage. Back seams have the effect of making legs appear thinner which is definitely a plus but can be a bit of a pain too because they have to be regularly adjusted to make sure they run straight. In the brown Gucci tights, the seams runs all the way down to the toe where the stitching ends. However, the thread is not the smoothest and, while not uncomfortable, you can definitely feel it is there which, personally, I could do without. There are no back seams to worry about in the black version of the GG tights which definitely works to their advantage.

A further point differentiating these two designs is the appearance of the GG print. In the black style the decorative GG logo pattern is interwoven into the fabric whereas in the brown version it appears to be printed on it (although I do not know for sure how this effect is achieved). The fact that the pattern has been merged into the structure of the black tights means that there are small gaps naturally forming in their texture, making them more breathable, even though the textile feels thicker than the brown. There is no similar “gapping” in the brown logo Gucci tights with any visible breaks being only the result of a clever print, rather than knitting, on the otherwise smooth, elastic surface.

black gucci tights
Close up showing the black logo fabric
The brown GG logo fabric with no gapping, just print

While it may sound like a minor point, I wanted to bring it to your attention as some people prefer breathable, cooler fabric and that is what you are getting when you opt for the black version of the tights. This has always been my preference anyway so, in that respect, the black Gucci tights have an edge over the brown  equivalent in this area too. [Back to Menu]

Fit and sizing

Ever since I posted the earlier review of the brown Gucci tights, I have been inundated with questions concerning their fit and sizing. As mentioned in the earlier post, Gucci stockings come in three different sizes, namely Small, Medium and Large and on their website Gucci provide a guide on how to select the right fit depending on individual weight and height, which is also included in the care booklet enclosed with the black version of the tights (strangely, not in the brown ones). For the ease of reference, a photo of the size guide enclosed with my black tights is shown below:

Gucci tights size guide

My experience with the brown GG logo tights is that they fit reasonably true to size, i.e. as per the Gucci guidance above (I am UK size 8, 165cm high and about 50kg, and I have chosen size M). The hip area, while not loose, is not as tight-fitting as I would have liked but I suspect that this is mostly due to the silky nature of the textile which does not stick closely to the body. More details regarding the sizing of brown Gucci tights can be found in my earlier post.

Regarding the black GG tights, once again I purchased size M. However, these seem to run on the  larger side which, again, is the most noticeable in the hip area. The black fabric texture is very soft so the stockings do not hug the body as well as they could have, certainly even less so than the brown version. Although the leg length is perfect, I feel they could be better fitted and snug around the hip, or at least having some additional support other than the sewn in elastic waistband, because there is some tendency to ride down. Perhaps for someone with an average slim build size S could be the better option but, equally so, smaller size usually means more stretched out fabric on the leg, and tense tights tend to rip faster, in my experience.

The black Gucci stockings are definitely trickier in terms of size so I would recommend weighing up which aspect is more important to you, snug fitting hips as reflected in size S or slightly looser hip but less fabric tension in the leg area, as in size M. [Back to Menu]

black gucci tights close up


Apart from questions regarding sizing, I have often been asked if the tights rip. After all, the price of Gucci tights exceeds considerably the cost of regular stockings so one can be excused for hoping they will last as long as possible.

Since the purchase, I have worn both of my pairs a number of times and they are still intact i.e. there are no rips or ladders. However, I am not wearing them every day and I do try to take care of them, especially by avoiding contact with jewellery, handwashing them rather than using the washing machine, and shooing my cats off every time they come anywhere near this luxurious hosiery. Also, and this goes back to the question of sizing, I think that having a pair which is very slightly larger than required is probably a saving grace because it eliminates the need to pull them up forcefully when sliding them on and, thus, puts less pressure on the fabric.

Unfortunately, I know someone who noticed small holes in the black GG tights not long after buying them but it might have been just a case of bad luck. While my black pair has no holes (yet!), they seem susceptible to occasional snags linked to the somewhat rough nature of the textile which occassionally catches on fingernails whenever I put them on. The one area which I suspect might develop holes in the future is the unsupported toe which is quite thin and exposed to the most friction during walking. But again, this is just within the realm of possible as I have not observed any tears so far. Once my tights start disintegrating, I will definitely update you but for now there is potential for longevity. [Back to Menu]

Brown logo GG Gucci tights

Price and value for money

Aside from the design and fit, another notable dissimilarity between the brown and the black Gucci tights is the price point. The brown version of the Gucci logo tights costs literally double of the black style which is a very considerable disparity (£170 for brown logo vs £85 for the black logo). Are the brown tights really worth that much more?

While I really enjoy the black GG tights, in my opinion the brown ones feel more luxurious and have a much better fit. The textile used in the black Gucci tights, although aesthetically very appealing, is visibly not of the same quality as the brown logo equivalent and the sizing could be improved. Please do not get me wrong, I still think that the black GG tights are very trendy and chic, they are also more versatile than the brown Gucci logo hosiery, and I have no regrets investing in them. In fact, I love them!

However, when compared side by side, and even taking into consideration little issues here and there, I still lean in favour of the brown logo version. They look and feel more expensive (and they are!), the colour it very striking and I have a feeling they will last much longer than the black GG stockings because the overall quality seems better. They are also scarcer so there is less likelihood of running into another person wearing them.

On the other hand, the black Gucci tights are the perfect choice for everyday use and can be mixed and matched with many different outfits and fabrics. This practicality will certainly make them the better choice in terms of price-per-wear (and they are definitely more wearable) and the overall value for money. The price of these tights, although considerable by high-street standards, is still quite reasonable for a designer item, especially when compared to the brown version which constitutes a far more extravagant purchase.

Overall verdict: Although I think that the black GG logo tights are far better in terms of value for money, I still prefer the quality, uniqueness and the look and feel of the brown logo version. If the choice lies between the black and the brown I would definitely go with the brown. [Back to Menu]

Price: $310 / £190

Photos by Irene Pedrosa and Unwrapped.Fashion

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